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The 1st Vosges trade show to be awarded the Eco-manifestations label

January 26, 2024

Written with by Antoine

An Eco-Event at the Épinal Convention Center

"Charity begins at home! the creators of the show Planète et Energies have joined forces with the Eco-manifestations Vosges whose aim is to help event organizers reduce their environmental impact.

What does the Eco-Events label actually mean?

The project

Since its creation in 2022, Éco-manifestations Vosges is an association initiated by the Eco-Manifestations Réseau Grand Est (EMERGE)Its mission is to advise and assist companies in their environmental, social and societal initiatives, using two methods:

The association first trains companies in sustainable development and then spares a second part of its time supporting event organizers in their ecological transitions.

A label founded

Faced with the many environmental challenges facing our society, more and more players in the events sector are taking action to limit the impact of their activities.

The Spinalne-based association helps local authorities and companies with events of all sizes and types to draw up a commitment charter for Eco-Events.  

Cet outil d’analyse et d’amélioration propose un accompagnement total basé sur 8 fundamental fondamentales découlant sur une centaine de marches à suivre contribuant au développement durable

Thanks to the development of this field of action, the event has achieved level 1 certification, which can go up to level 3 for the most eco-responsible events.

level 1 label of the eco-events commitment charter
level 2 label for the eco-events commitment charter
level 3 label for the eco-events commitment charter

To ensure that the charter is respected, an audit is scheduled on the day of the event to ensure compliance and maintain the ethical value of the label.  

From this visit, we've come up with some advice and areas for improvement for future editions.

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L’Éco-manifestations sur le territoire vosgien

The association Éco-manifestations Vosges was set up just over a year ago, and is already going from strength to strength. In fact, the number of events in the Vosges region continues to grow every year, topping 1,000. A figure that opens up promising prospects for the hosting of Eco-manifestations-labeled events at the Epinal Convention Center.

Eco-manifestation network map of eastern France

Zoom sur le salon Planète et Energies

With the help ofEco-manifestations Vosgesthe Salon Planète et Energies has reorganized its overall management and obtained level 1 certification, based in particular on the following points:

  • Waste management: by raising exhibitors' awareness of selective sorting, quantifying it and reducing its weight from year to year, but also enabling them to reuse it.
  • Adopting a better organization of travel: setting up a carpooling system through the "Mobicoop" platform. Mobicoop ".
  • Limiter la consommation des ressources (eau, énergies…).
  • Reinforce DYI (Do it yourself) activities.
  • Apply more eco-responsible communication (e.g. limit printing of the visitor guide).
  • Reduce food waste.

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